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Dig for Victory Kale Pesto - The Perfect Way to Satisfy Afternoon Winter Cravings

  Kale is is the perfect way to satisfy your afternoon winter cravings. I absolutely love wandering out to our garden to harvest it and make my  Dig for Victory Kale Pesto. It makes me feel like I am Queen Bee of the Garden and Ballroom. I also love how Kale became one of the […]

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On the Catwalk: Roasted Sexy Swede with Maple Syrup and Thyme

Strutting its stuff on the catwalk this week is the Sexy Swede. It may not have the  elegance of an asparagus or the beauty of a beetroot but its sexiness comes from within. Duncans' Roasted Sexy Swede with Maple Syrup and Thyme recipe is divine. We were delighted to see this rather ugly, knobbly shaped […]

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An Intenstly Crabby Crab Apple Chilli Chutney - Perfect with Cheese or Pork

The trees are laden with tart Crab Apple this year. Truly wild Crab Apples always have a more intense flavour than any other apple. They can be too tart for some to eat raw but the appleness really intensifies when cooked. They will certainly leave you wanting more. They are perfect for small hands to […]

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