We have great ambitions: to show the world you can be happier when you are in tune with the seasons while creating amazing memories and making the world a better place for future generations.

So let us take you on a magical adventure of a world where all plastic isn’t seen as evil and we know the season to eat sardines.

We know we aren’t perfect and don’t get everything right but we are honest! That is how we can all be the catalyst for change. Rise up and join us in Starting a Revolution from your Kitchen Table and get mouth watering recipes, magical event invites and seasonal news you won’t believe you lived without?
Seasons: Why should you bother eating the seasons?

We live in a country with amazing produce that changes with the seasons. Yet we often end up eating the same ten meals all year round. This happens for lots of reasons from time pressure to the way food is presented in our supermarkets. They shape and reinforce our repeat behaviour buying habits.  We end […]

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Should We Eat Jellyfish?

As I sit and write this it is hot!  Unusually for the UK, it has been hot for weeks, and the heatwave is only set to continue.  Luckily, I live by the coast and when I’m not at home writing blogs about food, you can almost certainly find me at the beach swimming in the […]

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Chillies - The Weather Isn't the Only Thing Bringing the Heat

Explore how chillies made their way from South America to your kitchen table

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Fabled Fennel - A gift from the Roman Empire

Sit back as I take you through the history of time on the journey of Rhubarb as we undercover candlelit sheds and wartime treats.

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Foraging and Seasonality: A Path to Survival

With every passing day the way we live our lives is forever changing. The way we work, the way we travel and even our pastimes are unfathomable even 50 years ago. One thing that has never changed is the way we eat. While what we eat has certainly seen change over the years, recipes and […]

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Incredible Edible Flowers: A Simple Guide to 11 Blooms You Can Gather and Grow

Edible flowers are among the most beautiful thing you can place on your plate. Whether you’re decorating cakes or sprucing up salads, there's a bloom for every occasion. From the beautifully floral wisteria to the perfectly peppery nasturtium, there's a whole rainbow of petals to pick from.  You’re most likely already eating flowers without realising- […]

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Radical Rhubarb: Romance and Revolution

Sit back as I take you through the history of time on the journey of Rhubarb as we undercover candlelit sheds and wartime treats.

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The Marvellous Magnolia: A Simple Guide to Gathering & 2 Tempting Treats

Magnolias have a surprisingly gingery flavour, with citrus and cardamom undertones. 

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On the Catwalk: Luscious Leeks

Strutting its leaves on the catwalk this week is the Luscious Leek. Hippocrates thought they could cure nosebleeds and Moorfields Eye Hospital say they are good for your eyesight. Read on to find out who thought they could improve your singing voice and to try Duncans Poached Leeks with Dragoncello Sauce Recipe. Something special for […]

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Granny's Wild Garlic Soda Bread: Tales of Springtime Nostalgia

Food plays such an important part in our life. Recipes are passed down from generation to generation which creates tradition, nostalgia and a sense of belonging. This is what we want to share with you through foraging. A memory that you and your children will always have and pass down to the next generation when […]

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9 Inspiring Reasons to Head Outdoors and Make Family Memories This Spring

We all know that getting outside is good for us and our families. But just how good? Perhaps, like me, some of your fondest childhood memories are set in the great outdoors.  When I think back to the ‘golden days’ of my childhood, I remember the days spent roaming fields, climbing trees and splashing in […]

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