Seasons: Why should you bother eating the seasons?

By Imogen Tinkler on 20/01/2021

We live in a country with amazing produce that changes with the seasons. Yet we often end up eating the same ten meals all year round. This happens for lots of reasons from time pressure to the way food is presented in our supermarkets.

They shape and reinforce our repeat behaviour buying habits.  We end up stuck in a rut buying the same produce all year round. Some things of course we are going to buy because we love it. What we don't want is  the blandfication of food buying habbits. 

We want to celebrate the seasons and the changes!  By making small changes in your behaviours you can reap the rewards of eating the seasons.

This allows you to become more in sync with nature and your local community. As well as benefiting from; lower carbon footprint, reduced waste, increased flavour, reduced prices, increased creativity in the kitchen and putting a spring in your step all year round.

Most importantly eating the seasonally should be about enjoyment not frugality!

Yes it will take a little more organisation as you need you plan your meals and preserve seasonal produce through the year but it will make your heart sing and the whole family can get involved.  

I get a natural high  when seasonal treasure like wild garlic starts to flourish everywhere and I fill my wicker basket for free.  This year my heart expanded further when I saw my Baby Ballers eyes light up with glee as she helped harvest rhubarb at Jacks Veg and taste it cooked in all sorts of ways in our ballroom. She wasn't very happy that I wouldn’t let her taste my first Banging Bloody Mary of the Year made from my very Duncan's infamous Rhubarb Hot Sauce!

Imogen's Five Favourite things about Eating Seasonally

  • You become more creative in the kitchen.  During the hunger gap you have fewer ingredients to choose from so you have to be more innovative.
  • You get excited when food comes into season. You delight in it rather than just consuming it. A great example of this asparagus - asparagus has a short growing and eating season and British locally grown asparagus has a very different taste to when it is imported. I find myself eating raw asparagus when picking it as it is so full of flavour - something I can't do with imported asparagus.
  • You feel connected to the seasons and nature which impacts your mood
  • It reduces your carbon footprint as produce hasn't travelled as far
  • Zero waste - you appreciate what is in season and plan your meals making sure that nothing goes to waste.

Eating seasonally promotes buying locally

Buying local helps you get products that are fresher, and have traveled much shorter distances from farm to fork. This helps promote cleaner air and water, since it takes less energy to transport products over shorter distances, thus reducing the carbon footprint on the planet. As well as tastier produce! We love our weekly organic veg box from Jack's Veg with it's 100% compostable salad bags. As well as connecting with local growers like Laura who produce weird and wonderful veg at The Wonky Parsnip which feature in our Supper Clubs.

Not sure where to start? Be inspired with Duncans' seasonal recipes

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Article written by Imogen Tinkler

2 comments on “Seasons: Why should you bother eating the seasons?”

  1. I agree with all these points that you have made, particularly about not buying imported food , when the same is plentiful.
    Saving the carbon footprint is so beneficial.

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