You are invited to enter our secret world of magical Dining Room Supper Clubs that pop up around Kent and our Dine at Home Experiences delivered to your door. Join our underground Foodie Revolution and you will uncloak even more.

"It's bloody awesome. Love the presentation and detail!! " Zana"
"Sublime... we are thrilled with our magical supper and we haven't even eaten it yet!" Mary

Dining Room Supper Clubs

We pop up with our Dining Room Supper Clubs in magical settings from greenhouses, to rustic candle lit barns to magical secret walled gardens. The best bit is you are invited. Find out all about our past events like our Faraway Tree Supper Club which Muddy Stilettos said was “a magical fun-filled feasting adventure in the Enchanted Forest (yes really!) “ The Topsy Turvy Breakfast where Earl Grey custard was poured from a teapot over beer candied bacon, boozy French Toast, sweet ketchup aka raspberry jam and a Custard Cream crumb.
We are licking our lips just thinking about it. 

Dine At Home Supper Clubs

Want to try one of our acclaimed Dine at Home Supper Clubs? We love to tease our diners creating dishes inspired by nature from Wild Gorse Flower Marshmallows dripping in Dandelion Honey to mouth wateringly good Red Wine Braised Ox Cheeks on a bed of fresh Nettles, with Nutty Slow-Roasted Artichokes. Plump your velvet cushion, put your feet up and read all about the intimate details that go into the Dine at Home Experience or book yours right now..

Want to join our underground of Revolunatiries? Rise up and join us in Starting a Revolution from your Kitchen Table and get mouth watering recipes, uncloak magical event invites and seasonal news you won’t believe you lived without?
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Parma Violets: My Love Affair With A Flavour That Divides The Nation

Tastes and smells are one of the most powerful tools for unlocking our memories. Perhaps that’s why childhood sweets have such a special place in our hearts.  There's just something about the sweet treats of our youthful days that stick with us. The taste, the smell and the vibrant packaging have the spellbinding power to […]

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Dandelion Honey- So Good You Won't Believe it's Not Honey!

I would describe myself as an imperfect vegan. I’m resolute in my avoidance of most things, and find buckets of joy in living a life that is both inline with my morals and brimming with delicious food. Despite this, there’s one thing I just can’t seem to give up.   Eggs were a breeze, and I […]

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Going Out Out is the New Staying In In: 7 Reasons Supper Clubs are the Thing To Do in 2021

It’s been a challenging year but we’ve made it. We’ve pulled together through a year of unexpected ups and downs and now is the time for celebration. First instincts can be to return to the familiar old haunts, but if there’s anything lockdown has taught us, it’s the importance of keeping things fresh and exciting. […]

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Book your Summer Supper Club Adventure before they disappear.

Celebrate 100 years of Rupert the Bear this summer.  Come with us on a magical adventure to the idylic countryside village of Nutwood, a stones throw from where the brave little bear was born in the Garden of England.

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I LOVE you Dine at Home for Mothers Day

Celebrate Love this Mothers Day. With our I Love you or I Love you Mummy Dine At Home - Supper Club.  Be prepared to be treated with our seasonal treats from Wild Garlic - the Jewel of the Crown to Gooey Wild Gorse Marshmellows and Dandelion Syrup.

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Celebrating 75 Years of VE Day with Bangers and Balls

Celebrating VE Day with you in lockdown was an extremely special moment. Driving through those VE Day flag lined streets and feeling the swirl of the community as we delivered your vintage inspired hampers. It is a memory that will always stay warm in our hearts. So put your feet up, warm the teapot, get […]

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A letter from our Dining Valentine - Magical Past Experiences

Our Dine at Home Experiences can feel like they are cloaked in mystery and our Valentine Day Weekend Dine at Home was no different. We love to tease our diners so plump your velvet cushion, put your feet up and read all about every initmate detail that goes into it. Tease Your Valentine It isn't […]

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Valentines Day Dine at Home Supper Club

Celebrate love in your own home with our Dine at Home - A Valentines Supper Club.  Be prepared for a sexy sensual Supper Club with starters to to unwrap and delights like our fiery love potion!

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A Night before Christmas

Feel Festive in your own home with our Dine at Home - A Night before Christmas. Be prepared for a magical Christmas Supper Club with Christmas stockings to unwrap and delights like Juniper and Ale Gravy.

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