A letter from our Dining Valentine - Magical Past Experiences

By Imogen Tinkler on 15/02/2021

Our Dine at Home Experiences can feel like they are cloaked in mystery and our Valentine Day Weekend Dine at Home was no different. We love to tease our diners so plump your velvet cushion, put your feet up and read all about every initmate detail that goes into it.

Tease Your Valentine

It isn't until the night that all the mouth wateringly good secrets that lie within are revealed. We tantalized your tastebuds with Rhubarb Marshmellows to toast using match sticks and tealights wrapped in red ribbon.

We teased you with dried scattered rose petals and hand made Rhubarb and Ginger love potions. To wow and seduce your Valentine dining companion.

Just like our inimate Supper Club events we like to surprise you and make you feel excited like a little child again. We know you are at home and there are no goats to feed, or Saucepan Man to find for your next clue.

Or a latern to light to find a singing lady perched upon a rock or the twinkling lights as you search for your canope dangling by the firelight in the Far Away Tree.

But it doesn't mean we can't bring some of the magic into your homes until we can all safely dine together again.

Your Dining Valentine - Bangers and Balls

We begin by wooing you as we - your dining valentine message you like no other take away.

Dear Imogen, Cassonnova will be on his way with your Dine at Home Supper Club between 7.15 and 7.30. Happy Valentines Weekend. Your Dining Valentine  - Bangers and Balls.

There is nothing worse than waiting for the doorbell to go on Valentines Day. So we sent a cheeky message to let our valentine dinners know Cassonnova in male or lady form was on their way!

We have never ever had to driven past igloos on the way to delight our diners before. It was certainly a different but magical experience. As if we had stepped out of the ballroom (kitchen) into a rather magical land.

Snow Whitstable Beach Valentine Seasater

Snowy Valentine Day on Seasalter Beach photo: Photo by: Scott Kendell Photography.


This Valentine's Weekend we treated our diners to three delicious courses which included -  Our Hamper of Love packed full of handwrapped individual goodies to share,

Our Main "Rich Heavy but Melt in the Mouth Tender"  Red Wine Braised Ox Cheek Balls plated and ready to pop in the oven. Consumated by your Valentine Be Mine S'mores Hamper ready to toast with your Valentine.

Love Potion Rhubarb

The rhubarb and ginger ‘love potion’ went down a treat in a glass of bubbly.

We know the Love Potion works because we receive messages like these moments after we drop them off. They really do make us blush.

"It's bloody awesome. Love the presentation and detail!! " Zana"
"Sublime... we are thrilled with our magical supper and we haven't evet eaten it yet!" Mary

Then you sent us Love Notes some handwritten and some shared to make others Smitten. Thank you to our first time diner Gemma for this beautiful one.

"Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers. Food is my thing so I wanted to mark this weekend with a treat, and a rare meal I didn’t have to cook myself.
We were spoilt in Whitstable; so many takeaways, delivery services, and cook-at-home boxes but we plumped for @bangersandballs.
Wow! Casanova delivered two hampers to the door containing our starters and deserts. Our main course was plated and still warm so we popped that in the oven while we got stuck into a delicious scotch egg with a fiery rhubarb sauce and a local cheese with a beetroot chutney (served from a vintage tea cup - if I said “this is so cute” once I said it a hundred times).
The main course was red wine braised ox balls with local veg and a flavourful pesto made with carrot tops. Rich, hearty but melt-in-the mouth tender.


Braised Red Wine Ox Cheek Balls

Rich, hearty but melt-in-the mouth tender.


The rhubarb and ginger ‘love potion’ went down a treat in a glass of bubbly.
Dessert was so much fun. The hamper contained tealights, matches and skewers and we set about melting the tangy rhubarb marshmallows which we slathered onto crumbly, buttery biscuits and topped with the homemade chocolates provided.


Smore Marshmellow Rhubarb Valentine

Melting the tangy rhubarb marshmallows which we slathered onto crumbly, buttery biscuits and topped with the homemade chocolates provided

Such wonderful food, amazing creativity and attention to detail with petals, twine, tiny flowers and a handmade card (artwork by Xanthe, aged 3) telling us all about the food.
Brilliant work, team @bangersandballs Locally sources and made locally, with love 💞"

This made us so happy to read! We have been dancing around the ballroom (kitchen) to Jona Lewie - You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties and mixing up a few Valentine love potion cocktails of our own! Thank you Gemma.

We want to spread the love and will be sharing random acts of kindness throughout February to say thank you to our diners and to causes to do with mental health as it is something we  truly believe in.

Do you want to know every single detail of what went into the Valentine Dine at Home Experience - here you go! 

Inside your hamper you have a homemade Wild Mushroom Scotch Egg using sausages from Jims Butchers in Whitstable. It goes perfectly with Duncans Rhubarb Hot Sauce using forced pink rhubarb prized for its subtle flavour.

Did you know they pick it by candlelight in the Yorkshire Rhubarb Triangle. Who knew those Yorkshire folk were so romantic!

Ooh and your eggs are from very happy chickens who live an organic lifestyle with plenty of mud baths and are free to roam the apple orchards on Jacks Farm. 

You have a Blushing Beetroot Chutney using locally sourced beetroot from the Goods Shed and a beautiful local sheeps cheese called the Dargate Dumpy from the Cheesemakers of Canterbury

All served with lemon verbena (grown in our garden) butter and freshly made sourdough bread. 

Don’t forget your fiery Ginger and Rhubarb love potion. Just add bubbles to seduce your lover.

For your main you have red wine braised ox cheek balls with Ox cheeks from the Goods Shed nose to tail butchers served with local roasted carrots and potatoes. With a nutty roasted artichoke from Jacks Veg with a rhubarb infused gravy.

The snow has covered all the nettles we had planned to serve so we are treating you to a carrot top pistacho pesto instead! Enjoy. Just pop the plates in the oven to warm and top with your pesto. 

Then open your Valentine Be Mine Smore's with homemade Gooey Rhubarb Marshmallows with Handmade Chocolates by Duncan using  Peruvian Criollo raw cacao powder and butter by Elements for Life. Often called the "Queen of Cacao" this criollo heirloom variety is renowned for its smooth richness. All to be embraced by handmade Custard Creme Biscuits. Use the tealights and matches wrapped in red ribbon provided to make your very own smores.  

Please pop your hampers out for collection and we will collect after 11am tomorrow morning.

Have a lovely evening.

Your Dining Valentine Bangers and Balls.

Article written by Imogen Tinkler

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