I LOVE you Dine at Home for Mothers Day

Celebrate Love this Mothers Day. With our I Love you or I Love you Mummy Dine At Home - Supper Club.  Be prepared to be treated with our seasonal treats from Wild Garlic - the Jewel of the Crown to Gooey Wild Gorse Marshmellows and Dandelion Syrup.

We know Mothers Day is hard for so many people and we wanted to do something a little different.

Some people choose not to have children, others desperatly want some and others are grieving their own mothers or children and somewill be celebrating. We believe that everyone deserves to feel loved and special.
So we want you - our wonderful Dine at Home Experience Diners - to choose from our I Love you Experience or a I love you Mummy Dine at Home Experience.

Be prepared for taste sensations that could knock your sock off from our Wild Garic Pesto to our Mouth Wateringly good locally sourced Lamb Wild Balls with Topped with Wild Garlic. Enjoy our family Candle Smores that is a sensory experience that goes beyond taste.  This isn't your ordinary take away!

All your starters are lovingly wrapped and delivered in a beautiful hamper for you to open. Your mains are plated family style and the lamb balls just need to be warmed. You pop out the hamper with your plates in the next day and our discrete Fairy God Mother collects them.

What's A Dine at Home  I LOVE you Supper Club?

We deliver three beautfully created courses and a Dandelion I love you Potion directly to your door and an extra treat for you or your Mama.

Choose from three Delivery Dining Spots

Friday 12 March
- 7 - 8pm

Sunday 14 March
- 11.45 - 12.45pm

- 1 - 2pm

We know these wonderful  dining spots are going to fly out of the ballroom quicker than the Fairy Godmother could turn a pumpkin into a luxurious carriage.

Delivery - Whitstable, Tankerton, Seasalter, Canterbury, Faversham, Chesterfield, Blean. Not on the list? Message our Fairy Godmother - she will see if she can wave her magic wand! It is £54 for two, adults or £74 for two adults and two children. If you need it for different numbers just drop our Fairy Godmother a message. 

We know Our Dine at Home Experiences can feel like they are cloaked in mystery so read all about Valentine Day Weekend Dine at Home or our VE Day Weekend Dine at Home to find out more.


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