Going Out Out is the New Staying In In: 7 Reasons Supper Clubs are the Thing To Do in 2021

By Alicia Upton on 08/04/2021

It’s been a challenging year but we’ve made it. We’ve pulled together through a year of unexpected ups and downs and now is the time for celebration.

First instincts can be to return to the familiar old haunts, but if there’s anything lockdown has taught us, it’s the importance of keeping things fresh and exciting. 2021 presents a new opportunity to re-imagine the way we do things outside of lockdown.

What better way to celebrate than to visit a Supper Club- a unique, magical event with a limited guest list. We’re in the midst of planning our Rupert Bear Seasonal Supper Clubs and the more we think about them, the more we wish we weren’t the ones hosting!

We may be biased, but we know that supper clubs are the thing to do in 2021, and here’s why:

1.Make More Memories

If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that memories are what get us through those tough times. We all love to look back on meals out, but what really sticks wit’s the interactive, the unusual and the unexpected that really stick with us. Our Rupert Bear supper clubs provide all these things and more.

2.Space to Roam

As glad as I’ll be to hug my loved ones, I’m not so excited about close contact with people I don’t know. The idea of being cramped next to sweaty strangers at a bar, or squeezing through crowded tables in a beer garden makes me feel queasy. We’ve all become accustomed to our expanded bubbles of personal space.

Stay off the beaten track with a supper club- a small, intimate event with a limited guest list. 

Our beautiful, secluded location leaves plenty of space for social distancing, meaning no one’s in your personal bubble unless you want them to be.

3.Try Something New

Now more than ever, we crave unique, exciting experiences to reawaken our imaginations and excitement for the world. Our supper clubs provide the magic and mystery to bring back your joy de vivre.

We can’t wait to whisk you away to Nutwood for an experience you’ll never forget.

Our Rupert Bear Supper clubs are for this summer and this summer only- making them a one-off event you don’t want to miss.

4.Food is Everything

This first point speaks or itself. Chef Duncan’s menu choices have our mouths watering already.  Although our supper clubs are about more that the meal, food is at the centre of what we do at Bangers and Balls, and we can guarantee it’s going to be delicious. We can’t wait to take your tastebuds on a flavour adventure.

5.Meet Kindred Spirits

At Bangers and Balls, we wear our heart on our sleeve. We stand true to our heartbeat values of sublime food, connection with amazing people, building memories and knowing where our food comes from.

Chances are, if you’re here, you care about them to. Our supper clubs give you the opportunity to mingle with likeminded folk and forge new friendships whilst you enjoy an evening of whimsical adventures and dazzling food.

6.Get Spoilt Rotten

We love dining out and are so glad to be able to support our local pubs and restaurants. But on a busy night it can sometimes be missing that personal touch. A restaurant can serve a hundred tables in an evening, making you just another customer in a busy shift.

At a supper club, the whole evening is about making your experience magical. Rather than a one-in-a-hundred customer, you are a personal guest for the evening, and everything is tailored just for you.

7.They’re Great with Kids, and They’re Great Without Them

We all love spending time with our families, but we all know that dining out with children can be a challenge. Sometimes just getting them to eat lunch can feel like a high stakes hostage negotiation. Add a restaurant to the mix and an afternoon can quickly descend into a nightmare.

Save yourself the struggle and bring the kids to a Bangers and Balls Supper Club.

We have a gorgeous, open air venue, where the kids can roam free range. There’s plenty to keep the kids engaged as they explore and we’ve added a little theatre to the food to make dinning an adventure. Best of all, there’s no pressure to keep the kids at the table.

The other option would be to just come without them. After all, why should kids have all the fun?

Our evening adult’s only supper club give you and your friends the chance to get away and reconnect. After a year of missed milestones, long distance birthdays and Wi-Fi-challenged zoom calls, it’s even more important to make your time together special. So why not try a supper club, and spend a truly unforgettable evening making up for lost time.

So, have we managed to tempt you?  

Why not join us to Celebrate 100 years of Rupert the Bear this summer.  Gather your friends and families to Book Today- we just can’t wait to welcome you!

Still need convincing? Click here to check out our review from Muddy Stillettos

Article written by Alicia Upton

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