Be part of our Story: Marketing Assistant Role

By Imogen Tinkler on 03/03/2021

Marketing Assistant Role

Location: Your Kitchen Table (Home)
Hours 25 Hours a week that we agree together.
How to Apply: Through your nearest Kickstarter Scheme in Essex, Kent or London. You need to be between 18 -24 and registered with your local Job Centre.

Our Story

Bangers and Balls started with a mission to put seasonal food at the heart of the British Kitchen Table. In 2017 we launched with a Pop up Supper Club at Award Winning Bar Little Nans in Deptford.

Since then we have been creating recipes with the tips and roots of exciting vegetables, foraged food and nose to tail. We are starting a Revolution from your Kitchen Table.

We have great ambitions: to show the world you can be happier when you are in tune with the seasons while creating amazing memories and making the world a better place for future generations.

We have a vision to create a successful brand that gives something back and we want to stay strong to our values while working with you, our diners and revolutionaries. To be the change and write the story together.

We are not perfect and don’t get everything right but we are honest and that is how we can all be the catalyst for change. Starting a Revolution from your Kitchen Table.

Your Part in our Story

We want to build a successful brand that gives something back and we want you to help us shape that. We need brilliant people, who share our ambition, to join in with the next and most exciting part of our story.

What will I be doing on a day to day basis?

This role is to help us to grow our brand, reach more people, drive change,  get creative and have fun while we do it!

On a day to day basis you will be helping us to implement our overarching strategy by helping to research topics from elderflower to why there is a cocktail with someone's toe in it (not ours we promise) to uploading content to the website to preparing social media benchmarking data.

This role would be excellent for an individual who is looking for their first marketing role and you will build experience in marketing strategy, social media planning, sales and how to plan and build content as well as running events.

There are so many fun and exciting projects and of course a lot of admin! We will be here to support you and help you carve out your role and grow.


  • You will develop ideas and research factual information and create stories that people want to read. 
  • We need someone who has a passion for food. You don't need to know everything - just have a desire to learn.


  • Day to Day Admin tasks from entering receipts into excel, to formatting word documents to dealing with customers on a daily basis and looking for spelling and grammar issues.


  • We are just launching our brand new website. You will be responsible for uploading new content, setting tags, working with our SEO expert and helping to develop the Customer Journey

Social Media

  • Implementing our Social Media Plan including scheduling posts for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Researching newer platforms like Tick Tock and Club House.
  • Identifying collaborative opportunities. We love to work with others.
  • Weekly Benchmarking Reports
  • Supporting us to run our Foodie Revolution Members private social media Group where we build strong relationships with our members 
  • Supporting us to run our Food Hive free Facebook Group and our main page Bangers and Balls.


  • Supporting us with Event Planning for our Pop Up Dining Experience and Experience Days. 
  • This will include dealing with customers, ensuring the customer journey is smooth, writing emails, creating checklists and promoting the events through online and offline marketing. 
  • There is the option to also be there on the day or night. These take place on weekends on evenings.



Innovation sits at our core but it can feel like a huge big word that doesn't mean much!

  • Here at Bangers and Balls we create space for new ideas and each month we will discuss any ideas you have and we have. We will score them against our innovation process and decide which one moves forward. Everyone has a voice in our teams.

Training and Development

We want to develop you to be the best you can be!

When you start we will sit down and discuss which part of marketing you would like to develop and how this fits both our needs. We will provide both internal and external opportunities to develop your skills.

Our Co Founder has over 15 years experience working with some of the world's leading brands from Harrods to Co Operative Group to NSPCC. As well as having a passion for Behavioural Change and has worked on  ward winning campaigns with the Insight Behaviour Team “Nudge Unit” Cabinet Office.

We will help shape and guide you as well as looking at what other support and accountability you need. 

What other opportunities do I have?

  • There will be the option to help at our Pop Up Events throughout the year as extra paid hours and to gain more hands on experience in events. We know this may be harder for some people with child care or no transport. So this is not a requisite but we wanted to give you the opportunity. Our Supper Club Pop ups happen on weekends and evenings normally.

What we need as a minimum

  • Excel and Word Basic
  • Understand how to use Facebook and Instagram as an individual
  • A passion for food
  • A good communicator
  • A good sense of humour

What do we provide

  • Inhouse Training to help you develop skills for your marketing career
  • External Training and Resources agreed in partnership to help you develop skills for your marketing career
  • 25 hours at national wage with the option for ad hoc further paid hours.
  • RHL Putting Mental Health First Course
  • Lunch sent to your home once a month. So we can all sit together and eat and talk.

How to Apply

You need to be registered at your local Jobcentre and be between 18 - 24 so you are eligible for the Kickstarter Scheme.It is live in job centres across Essex, Kent and London. It is a based at home role with the opportunity to help at our events.


Article written by Imogen Tinkler

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