We have great ambitions: to show the world you can be happier when you are in tune with the seasons while creating amazing memories and making the world a better place for future generations.

So let us take you on a magical adventure of a world where all plastic isn’t seen as evil and we know the season to eat sardines.

We know we aren’t perfect and don’t get everything right but we are honest! That is how we can all be the catalyst for change. Rise up and join us in Starting a Revolution from your Kitchen Table and get mouth watering recipes, magical event invites and seasonal news you won’t believe you lived without?
Chillies - The Weather Isn't the Only Thing Bringing the Heat

Explore how chillies made their way from South America to your kitchen table

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Fabled Fennel - A gift from the Roman Empire

Sit back as I take you through the history of time on the journey of Rhubarb as we undercover candlelit sheds and wartime treats.

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Foraging and Seasonality: A Path to Survival

With every passing day the way we live our lives is forever changing. The way we work, the way we travel and even our pastimes are unfathomable even 50 years ago. One thing that has never changed is the way we eat. While what we eat has certainly seen change over the years, recipes and […]

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Food: The Maker of Memories and a Foundation of Families

My fondest and earliest memories are the ones spent at my Grandma and Grandad’s house (known for years by me and my brother as “Grandma and Grandad with the chinchillas”, while my others were known as “Grandma and Grandad with the allotments”).

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