Veg Box Recipes


We are Banger & Balls, a UK food brand who cooks with seasonal and foraged ingredients. Thousands have followed and cooked our quick and easy seasonal recipes celebrating UK produce.

People love it so much that we have been featured in The Sun, The Daily Mail, Newsweek, The I and The Metro and interviewed by the BBC and ITV as well as many more! We know it’s important for you to connect with your veg box customers but producing seasonal recipes can be time consuming.

Let us do it for you. We offer unique and delicious recipes that are in tune with the seasons. They are quick and easy to read and in black and white.We are currently running an introductory offer where you can choose up to five recipes per month to share with your customers for only £15. We know it works, we have done this with other veg box companies, like Jack’s Veg based in Canterbury, Kent who have seen increased customer engagement and retention.


Customers look forward to their new quick and easy recipe and doing something new with their veg box, which keeps them coming back for more.“Running my own veg box company means I’m time poor. Having recipes that my customers love in the veg box connects me with them and gives them new innovative ways to use their veg.”

As an added bonus we will also feature your veg box on our social media and include you on our website with a direct link to you. You will also have the chance to be interviewed on our Kitchen Table Radio Show.

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