Looking for a seedy gift that will bring your whole family together?

Do you feel disconnected from your family?

Feel like you sit in the same room together but in separate bubbles. Technology can be a real struggle in daily life.

In the 80s it was the Game Boy - I used to hate waiting for batteries to recharge so I could get on with playing Tetris. As we have aged there is more and more of it out there.

We feel guilty for being in the room but not really being there so often we are there staring into our phones searching for connections.

We all think that being a Parent or Grandparent is going to be full of magical moments but sometimes it is just tough!

We see other peoples images of baking fresh bread and jumping in muddy puddles yet a walk in the woods that sounds like this joyous experience can feel like a nightmare!

Especially when a toddler stands in dog poo and cakes it across their face.

Yes this has happened to us. It all changed when we started to look for edible goodies when we were walking - it felt like we were on a pirate adventure in the woods looking for bounty.

The odd dog poo mishap of course still happens!


We wanted to spend more time as a family to grow our own, forage and make more in the kitchen but felt like we had to do it all at once!

Also that maybe it wasn’t even possible as we had a postage stamp of a garden and that we lived in London. Know that feeling? I promise you aren’t alone. 

Knowing where to start felt so overwhelming there are so many recipes out there, YouTube channels, foraging books. How is it even possible to pick which one? 

I always had this magical image of me reading one and suddenly becoming Mary Poppins and using my umbrella to fly through the woods or create beautiful smells in my kitchen. That was never going to happen.

We all try and take on too much and put pressure on ourselves for not being perfect and feeling overwhelmed and that we have failed. Have you ever started a course and not finished it? You aren’t alone; only 10% of people finish online courses. Crazy isn’t it. 
You too as a family can start spending more quality time together and build real magical memories in a really easy way.
I can’t tell you the excitement I feel when our toddler Xanthe runs over and picks up a Sweet Chestnut from the Woodland floor or hops over to wild garlic to sniff the pungent smell.

Or her little face when she starts to see the seeds she has planted popping up through the soil. Wow Mummy Wow.

Though sometimes she gets impatient and digs them up or moves them to somewhere else as they will be happier there. Maybe she is right.

Just getting some mud under your nails can make you feel like a new person - researchers at the University of Bristol say there is a bacteria in the soil that makes you happy.

Who knew. You can often find me out there in my flip flops, heels or whatever else is to hand.

You don’t need all the gear and wellies to get the most out of that. Xanthe can often be found digging using my best silver spoons (one of my all time favourite boot fair finds).
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We wanted to create something magical, easy to follow with a little bit or rebel thrown in for good measure. It is a really special online community.

In the Foodie Revolution we work together to connect more as a family by connecting with the seasons.

We do this in a simple and easy way by learning to we learn to preserve one thing a week from Pumpkin Hot Sauce to Herby Salt to Blueberry Vinegar and everything in between, it is surprising how addictive preserving and foraging can become. 

How connected with the seasons you become and that child like joy of what you can forage. I realised it wasn’t just me that felt this. So many people tell us how it has made them feel more connected as a family, they love sharing this and they didn’t realise how disconnected they had felt with the seasons. 
I would never have guessed we would be drinking litres of our own homemade Elderflower Wine. One night too much - I managed to leave the keys in the front door - opps. We are all human.

We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed and our weekly preserving won’t take you longer that 15 - 45 mins sometimes with an added walk in the woods.

Soon you will have a go to larder bursting with yummy local and seasonal produce but more importantly magical memories that bond you as a family.

We are not going to magically make you into the most Green Fingers Family in the UK. Ever watched the Good LIfe? It took them time and raised a few eyebrows but they really did create happiness.
The first thing we decided to do was grow four herbs - Basil, Thyme, Coriander and Rosemary and I would look at them when I had my tea in the morning and make sure I watered them before bed.

It has become part of our nightly routine with our toddler Xanthe. Each month we have planted a little bit more - it has felt manageable - if not effortless - it certainly hasn’t felt like a big slog.

Now Xanthes night time ritual is to go out into the garden or our window ledge to water them, often sing to them (poor plants) before going upstairs to brush her teeth and have a bedtime story.

She actually believed one was a dragon egg (not said passionfruit).

She made a nest inside and left the window open to her room incase the Dragon hatched and got lonely. It really does allow imaginations to grow and explore.

It makes me giggle too. These are the times I will look back on and remember the magic of her childhood.

We all mean to do it but sometimes time and general life gets in the way. By being part of a community you can change this. We can do it together and share the ups and downs.

This of course is something you can do on your own but we struggled to get out there and do it every week sometimes.

Why? Because we are human. Seeing what others were doing in community pushed us to explore further and break it
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Frequently Asked Questions

I feel overwhelmed with where to start!

We understand how that feels. Let us make it easy by showing you one thing to plant a month from herbs and microgreens on a window sill to carrots and tomatoes in an outside space. No more discarded plants with you thinking how can I keep a child alive but not a plant. Though everyone has some plant that simply dies on them. So don’t worry!

It will put a spring in your step even if you don’t have green fingers.

Membership length?

If you pay monthly you are free to cancel any time. There is no obligation at all.

Unsure where to start?

Eating seasonally is the best place to start as you begin to get excited by natures your produce. Seasonal Foraging makes you get outside to find nature's new bounty, to feel the wind in your hair as you forage sticky willy (we promise it is real and not just us being rude) or experience the pure joy of having blackberry juice drip down your face.

I never knew how being so unconnected with the seasons and the land around me had made me feel. Whether you’re in a big city or out in the sticks, if you want to up your seasonal eating game for you and your family, this is the place for you!
​I am worried I don't have enough time.

Revolutionaries often say we thought we didn't have time but actually we now make time for a 30 min walk or we get a veg box delivered as we can't get to our local farm. If you have an hour or two a week you will be fine.

I want to buy it as a gift

What a lovely idea! Just let us know when you sign up and we can start the memebership from what ever date you would like! We can post the seedy calender out to them or directly to you so you can give it to them as a gift.